Andrew Rice-Technical Director, OEEsystems International

  • Andrew Rice is a global OEE & Manufacturing Intelligence expert and pioneered the development of OEE software for Batch/Bulk/API manufacturing environments.  From Southhampton to SeattleOEEsystems International provide automated, real-time, OEE performance management software and expertise to the world’s most progressive manufacturing companies including Finsbury Foods, Muller, Danone, Keelings and Magners. We help them to increase output, reduce production costs, improve competitiveness and deliver business performance excellence adding millions to their bottom line.

    How can we make the OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness) Business Metric useful for different User Groups in Manufacturing including Operators, First Line Managers and Senior Management?


    “Join Andrew Rice, CTO of OEEsystems International, for a seminar to explore the options for using OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness) as a useful Performance Metric for Equipment Operators on the Production Floor, for First Line Manufacturing Managers and for the Senior Management Team.  During the seminar we will examine how OEE works well as a Performance Metric and also identify some of the limitations of using OEE in Manufacturing. Strategies for making OEE more meaningful will be discussed and developed. This session will be beneficial to participants who are new, or early adopters of OEE in their Manufacturing Plants, as well as to more seasoned users of OEE who are attempting to embed the OEE Metric in their Manufacturing Processes and to those participants who want to find out how to progress to advanced usage of the OEE Metric in their Manufacturing Businesses.”

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