Manfred Berger-Material scientist, Oerlikon Balzers Coating UK Limited

    • Manfred Berger-Material scientist, Oerlikon Balzers Coating UK Limited's presentations

    Material scientist
    32 years with Oerlikon Balzers – Precision Components Department
    Presently the Global Segment Manager for the General Engineering Segment which includes the Food Processing & Packaging Industry.

    Presentation Title-

    “Using PVD Technology to improve the Longevity of Critical Metal Components & Reducing Downtime”


    Below a brief synopsis of our presentation:


    BALINIT® –coated food processing components have a higher surface hardness, meaning they have less particle abrasion; it also makes cleaning easier and damage free. There is less danger of galling due to the ceramic – like surface. Using our coating BALINIT® CROMA PLUS, you get a wide variety of colours thanks to an interference effect – it also has outstanding release properties against food and polymers and gives long lasting sharpness to punches and knives. Coated components have excellent release and non-stick properties. Finally, all BALINIT® coatings have FDA approval so are safe to use.  BALINIT® coatings therefore enhance wear life of many different components in meat grinding, meat filling, liquid food filling, meat cutting, liquid bottling machinery, blender knives, cereal punches and packaging machines.

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