Mark James-Senior Partner, Ecotechnix

  • Speaker Biography: Mark is a Senior Partner and head of a portfolio of businesses that are leading the way with innovative technologies to solve environmental problems and improve business performance.

    With over 20 years’ experience in designing sustainability into business models and supply chains, Mark is leading a team that’s committed to assisting businesses develop  sustainable operations through the adoption of a Circular Economy approach.  A strong advocate of the Circular Economy,  Mark insists that going circular is no longer a cost or disruption;  the Circular Economy  has become an opportunity to implement sustainability focused solutions to reduce costs;  a new and better way of doing business.


    Engineering &Processing  Seminar:

    Title: Reduce the costs of TSS & COD/BOD in Trade Effluent, is this possible with Bio Treatments?

    With a growth in the availability and use of Biological treatments for Suspended Solids,   COD& BOD in Trade Effluent discharge,Markwill discuss the benefits of this technology and also the  shortcomings in the effectiveness of biological treatments;  whether they are actually effective at reducing SS and COD/BOD.


    Mark will clear-up the “bacteria & enzyme”marketing jargon to explain the simple differences in the available technologies and their effectiveness;an insight to enable food processing businesses make more informed purchase decisions when it comes to biological treatments.


    What are Biological treatments? do they work?  Can they be the basis of a strong business case for waste water treatment and generate cost Savings?


    Mark will also introduce a new standard of technology that is a fit-for- purpose solution to significantly reduce levels of Fat Oil & Grease, TSS, COD, BOD, Ammonia, Nitrate,Phenolic compounds, Terpene-based &Chlorinated solvents andPetroleum hydrocarbons in a variety of industrial waste and water for Applications including:


    Food Manufacturing & Processing, Dairy Waste, Poultry Processing, Citrus Juice production Pulp & Paper, Agriculture and Industrial Manufacturing -Chemical decontamination.




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