Paul Townsend – Head of Supply Chain, British Sugar

  • Speaker Bio:

    Paul commenced his career in UK Coal mining practicing as a mining engineer until moving into the foods business in 1994.

    Paul has experience in various manufacturing roles in Pepsico UK and the European best practice team as well as several years in Dairy Crest leading the Cathedral City packaging teams. Paul for the last two years has been head of supply chain for British Sugar.

    Presentation Title:

    Getting the Basics Right to Drive OEE

    Presentation Synopsis:

    The talk is a case study of how we have approached an issue with supply due to capacity constraints in the Bury Sugar Milling factory. I will discuss how we modelled the process and challenged constraining practices to release performance. The basic work leads to a more in depth study supported by MCP which defines the building blocks to further performance improvement over the next 2 year horizon.

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